SEPTEMBER 21 / 2018

Dear Parents,

Following up on last week’s letter regarding our goal of increasing student responsibility and engagement, I wanted to fill you in on measures we are taking to create a school where the uniform is a source of pride.

Historically, The York School has always had a uniform. Archive pictures show a brown and gray tartan kilt and brown sweater in the early days. Eventually that was given up in favour of the green and red tartan kilt, gray pants and green sweater. When the Upper School was formed we decided to give it a distinctive look. For a little while, the students could wear a button-up shirt of their choosing (any colour!) and khaki pants, but we quickly found that the lack of ‘uniformity’ had its drawbacks, and opted for the gray and blue look you see today.

More recently, during the renovation, we recognized that students might legitimately desire to put on additional sweaters to deal with cold temperatures in some of the classrooms, and so we gave students the freedom to wear non-uniform items. Last year, despite the room temperatures normalizing, students continued on with this trend, and often we found that we had lost that ‘uniform’ look in the classrooms and halls.

We have vowed to get back on track and help remind students of the value of wearing the uniform as a visible symbol of their commitment to the school. We’re also redoubling our efforts to be clear about when and where the uniform is to be worn. Basically, the simple rule is that when you are in the school you must be in uniform - and only the uniform - whether that be during a spare, in the cafeteria, or on a study day before exams.

We are supporting students in a number of ways:

  • All staff have committed to reminding students of their responsibility with respect to the uniform

  • Where a student does not have the proper uniform item they will be sent to the Senior School office to borrow a replacement part (tie or shirt), which they must return by day’s end

  • Where a student returns to school the day following their borrowing an item and they have forgotten the item again, they will be sent home to fetch it (you will be notified) unless you have communicated with us to indicate that you are in the process of purchasing the item

  • Where a student is wearing a non-uniform piece of clothing (e.g, baseball cap, hoodie) they will be asked to put it in their locker and they may have the item confiscated for the day (or longer if repeated)

We encourage parents to support us in our efforts by checking to make sure your child’s uniform fits properly, is clean and in good repair. The uniform guidelines can be found here. We’d also like your help in reinforcing the message that what we wear and how we wear it can contribute to our forming a positive and respectful community.

And don’t forget that winter uniform begins October 9th!

All the best,


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September 30th - Last Day for Course Changes

Please note that students wishing to change courses may do so up until Septermber 30th. Thereafter, changes of courses will not be allowed. Please be in touch with David Hanna, or Vicky Diano, the Administrative Assistant, who can set up a meeting.

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.


Many thanks to everyone who joined us on Curriculum Night. If you are interested to review what we covered, the presentations from that evening are available online with the links below.

Senior School Opening Session
Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11/12 The Diploma Years


Dear Parents,

Please watch this quick video on how to sign in to Blackboard as a parent to view your child(ren)’s courses.

Your login credentials will be your firstname and lastname as the username with the first 5 digits of your accounting number as your password.

For example:


If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Neil Moir at


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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