JANUARY 25 / 2019


Over the last two weeks the Debating Team has travelled from King City to Kingston competing in various debates.
At the Junior High Provincial Public Speaking Championships York School students owned the podium in many categories!

Parliamentary Debate
Shoshana Iny 1st
Ashley Kimmel 2nd

Interpretive Reading
Alex Baldwin 2nd (where she performed to a packed house in front of all competitors, parents and coaches)
Shoshana Iny 3rd

Solo Acting
Saara Chaudry 1st (with an average score of 97...and the judges wanted to give her 100 but couldn't)

Persuasive Speaking
Shoshana Iny - 1st

Grade 8 speakers
Shoshana Iny - 1st
Ashley Kimmel - 2nd

Grade 9 speakers
Saara Chaudry - 1st

Julia Hardy and Alex Baldwin -- tied for 14th
Ashley Kimmel -- 5th
Saara Chaudry -- 3rd

Shoshana Iny -- 1st!!!

As a result, Ashley, Saara and Shoshana have qualified for the Junior High National Public Speaking Championships in Vancouver in May.

This is the third year in a row that a York debater has won the Junior Provincial Public Speaking Championships (Ryan Cho followed by Ruby Grinberg previously before Shoshana took the crown this year). It is the eighth year in a row that York has competed at the Junior High National Public Speaking Championships.

If you see the girls in the hallway, please congratulate them. They worked so so hard, coming before school, staying after school, sending me recordings of their pieces and they need to be commended. It’s a proud moment for The York School.
— Ms. Nolan

At the oldest debating competition in Canada at Queen's University earlier, Georgia and Emma broke into the round of 16 (again) with a 4-2 record. This is an incredible feat in a competition with over 200 debaters.

Ben Singer and Jacob Deegan also had a 4 and 2 record and ended as 23rd team. In addition, the team of Elliott Friedland and Jamie Rygiel-Baban were 7th among Grade 9 teams with a 3-3 record.


We are developing a peer-to-peer winter camping borrowing system. This year our Grade 9 ICE students will NOT have the opportunity to borrow gear from the outfitters as we have done in the past, and yet their comfort is dependent on having the right gear... as so many of you in the upper years know! So, please help us out.

Let us know if you have winter boots with removable liners that you could loan a grade 9 student for the week of February 4th. Fill out the form with your loan details, and we'll be in touch to confirm.

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For purposes of security, safety, and convenience, we have installed keypad garage access for parents coming to the school to collect their children from after school activities (meetings, sports, tutoring, community etc.)

How to access garage:

The keypad is situated on the laneway podium at the entrance of the garage.
Use first 5 digits of your child’s student ID code (not the 0 at the end) followed by B.

This keypad activation is scheduled daily from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM and for select events as needed (the upcoming Middle School Games Night for example).

After parking, do not walk on the ramp, but instead use the pedestrian entrance adjacent to the garage door. This will lead you out to the laneway sidewalk so you can access the school the usual way through the front door.

We’d like to remind you that parking is limited with no guarantee of a spot, and ask that you respectfully use the parking only for The York School business.

Facility Management


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.  

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