June 14 / 2019

Dear York School Community,

How much growth can happen in a school year?  A whole lot, judging from what I see from my vantage point.

Nowhere was this more apparent than during the ICE Pics documentary event on Wednesday evening.  Our grade 9 students were poised, articulate and confident as they presented their films, speeches, and in one case, performed an incredible vocal solo.  This was in stark contrast to the young teenagers I had met in September at Camp Wanakita.

In other grades, as well, we have seen students battle challenges and come up on top.

Grade 11s, who began the year figuring out how to adjust to the Diploma programme are found at the end of the year polishing off drafts of their Extended Essay and thinking ahead to which universities they will visit over the summer.


Grade 10s have begun to think seriously about the coming Diploma programme, and are showing signs that this is the moment when they need to step it up. And of course, the stories that were told about each student during last week’s graduation were full of the growth and maturation of these individuals; they had most definitely become young adults, ready to take on adult challenges and opportunities.

We, and by that I mean the parents and York School staff, have every reason to feel proud of the work that we have done over the past year. We have all been part of the education of your children, and that education has been based on strong and nurturing relationships.  

I wish you all a healthy and happy summer holiday and pray that your relationships with your children are given opportunities to grow even stronger.

All the best,

David Hamilton (aka Freddie Mercury)
Principal Senior School

Senior School Closing Ceremony

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