SK - November 17 / 2017


This week in our Who We Are unit, the students partnered up and studied different photos of children showing a variety of emotions. They had to present to the class what they saw, thought, and wondered about the photo. We are learning to be attentive listeners when our friends are sharing, as well as to speak clearly and plan what we say before sharing.


We also talked more about “bucket filling” (friendship moves). We brainstormed ways we can fill each other’s buckets, meaning fill people’s hearts with good thoughts and feelings, for example doing something kind like holding the door, smiling or paying someone a compliment. We also looked at ways our buckets can be “dipped” (friendship blocks), meaning taking happiness away from someone by doing something to upset someone else. They wrote bucket fillers to one another and loved hearing them read aloud.

We explored the emotions of anger and sadness through literature. The children shared many of their own experiences and we talked about ways we can help ourselves feel better.  

SK Art Project Display 

SK Art Project Display 

We are continuing to learn the correct formation of several lower case letters/ week. We wrote journal entries about our four day weekend activities. The children are also working on identifying the letters at the beginning and ending of words to help them become more confident at sounding out words and writing independently. We worked on ‘s’ this week, and learned about making words plural.

In Math, we are continuing to learn about creating and extending different types of patterns. Students are using pictures of themselves demonstrating different emotions to create patterns. In the next few days, we will be looking at where we find patterns in real life and around the world. Here are some keywords that we are and will be using for this unit: core, repeating, predicting.

Looking Ahead


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Beauty and the Beast




A selection of Barbara Reid’s books will be available for purchase for Ms. Reid to sign for students.

Please click HERE  to complete electronic permission for your child to purchase books and have them charged to their York student account.

This author talk is generously supported by the Cloth family. 


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On the morning of Thursday, December 14th, we will be heading to Young People’s Theatre to see Beauty and the Beast.


With the weather constantly changing, please send enough warm clothing for recess time. As well, we need a change of clothes in their cubbies, especially socks with the winter weather coming.

York Shop Pop-Up Shop: Monday, November 20th; at noon in the Flexspace

Please be sure to get your house baseball t-shirts, house sweats and other apparel for our next house challenge on Tuesday, November 21. You can charge to your student account with approval from home.

Final Uniform Return /Exchange for 2017

Date: Thursday, November 23rd from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. at the Junior School

Please bring your uniform items you wish to return or exchange with the paperwork provided upon delivery of the uniform items.

Please email with any questions.

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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