SK - December 1 / 2017




All the SK children and teachers want to wish Alexander a big good luck and goodbye as he and his family move to Australia for their next big adventure. The York School will miss you!

The children worked on a variety of hands on activities designed to help with building words accurately using their knowledge of letter sounds. They are being encouraged to sound out and write with more independence. We completed self-portraits and compared our work to the drawings they completed in September. As part of our Who We Are unit, we talked about honesty, and looked at some stories where characters make the mistake of telling a fib, and the consequences that go along with that.

We wrapped up patterning and videoed the children making sound patterns using boomwhackers. We also looked at patterns all around us, in clothing, furniture, carpet and nature.     

In Art, the students began creating a background for their Music Assembly. They used cold colours and many materials to create winter designs on paper plates. The students also finished their coat of arms which will be displayed in the art show.

In French, the students have been practising their play, La petite poule rouge, all week long in order to be filmed next week. The video will be shared with you sometime in the next few weeks.

Visit from Barbara Reid

The children were very excited to see Barbara Reid on Tuesday, and she was quite impressed with their questions and comments, as well as their patience when waiting to get their books signed. She explained her creative process and brought samples of her art to show. Please check our Facebook page (dated on November 28) for more videos and photos of this event!

Thank you to everyone who helped this wonderful day come together and to the Cloth Family for their generous support of this event. 

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On the morning of Thursday, December 14th, we will be heading to Young People’s Theatre to see Beauty and the Beast.

Important Dates

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