SK - April 12 / 2019



This week SKA enjoyed reading The Princess and the Pizza as a whole group, and then writing and illustrating the story elements (characters, setting, problem and solution). All of SK completed their weekly journal writing, and did hands on activities focussing on building (and spelling) three and four letter words. We have been working on reading our “good fit “ books at quiet reading time, and the children are really proud of their progress as they read independently.

We learned about some different types of shelters- a stilt house, a yurt, and igloo, brick house, adobe house, grass hut and teepee. If we have any architects or builders in our parent group, we would love you to come in and share with SKs!


Our unit on geometry is underway. We are learning the names and features of 3D solids, and sorting them as well as learning their features- number of sides, edges, curves and if they slide, stack or roll.


In Music, the SKs practiced different rhythms with rhythm sticks looking at flash cards and by reviewing the song, And When You’re One. The students started a call and response song all about elephants and wrinkles! The SKs also learned a new movement game called Glue.


In French, the students practised the play, Boucles d’or et les trois ours, along with puppets. The children have also been exploring vocabulary relating to the home in French. Please follow the link here to a video featuring Matt le magnifique, a French cartoon character who shows his home in French.


In PHE, the students balanced different ways on a bench and the balance beam. Students also participated another dance in class with Miss Megan.


This week in Art, the SKs became architects and tested their design skills by using popsicle sticks to create a shelter. They will use this experience next week to help them plan and create a building for the future.

Attendance Reminder

A gentle reminder that all student absences should be emailed to
As well, if your child arrives late, please have them sign in with Ms. Kate or reception.

Please continue to pack appropriately for the weather- splash pants, mitts etc. as the temperature is still not consistently warm. We also need extra clothes at school- socks, pants and underwear.


International Week is Here!

The York School’s very first International Week is set to take place from Monday, April 15th to Thursday, April 18th. Students will participate in an international activity every day, culminating in a Parade of Nations and activity afternoon on Thursday, April 18th. Please send your child to school on Thursday with an outfit to represent their country, that they can change into after lunch. This could be clothing, jewelry, accessories, flags or cultural items. The Parade of Nations will take place from 1:15pm - 2:00pm on Thursday, April 18th and students will be following a parade route around the neighbourhood. Parents are welcome to come to this event. If you have any questions about International Week, please e-mail Andrea Hughes at

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Grandpals & Special Friends Day

Join us for a special morning at the Primary school! To rsvp, click here.

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