SK - May 10 / 2019

Thank you for joining us yesterday. We hope you had a wonderful time at our Student-led conferences! The This week in SK we continued our work on shapes and solids in math. We used our problem  solving skills to determine what 3D solids look like when they are flat. We also used 2D shapes to make pictures. After completing their work, the children graphed the number of each shape they used. They were very creative and practiced their tracing and cutting skills. We played a ‘roll-a-shape’ probability game, and graphed the results.

In Mathematics, we looked at the many ways to count different groups of items and talked about strategies of grouping and counting by 2s, 5s and 10s. We looked at and identified patterns on the 100 chart noticing groups of 10s and 1s.

We read stories about different kinds of families and then wrote descriptions of our family members and their interests. We talked about activities we love to do together. The children’s independent writing skills are really coming along! The class also wrote their own ending to a story. They were very creative.

We did some experiments testing to see how strong and waterproof different materials are.


In French, the students have been practising the play, Boucles d’or et les trois ours, all week long. The students will be filmed performing the play next week.


In Music, the SKs started a new song called A Silly Nursery Rhyme. The students also got to choose their own percussion instrument and we practiced rhythmic patterns as a percussion band.


In PHE, the students continued to work on their short rope skipping skills and were introduced to long rope skipping. They had enjoyed playing helicopter and rainbow.


This week in Art, the SKs finished their buildings. They added details with materials such as pipe cleaners, wires, pompoms, and foam.


A gentle reminder that all student absences should be emailed to As well, if your child arrives late, please have them sign in with Ms. Kate or reception.

Please continue to pack appropriately for the weather- splash pants, mitts etc. as the temperature is still not consistently warm. We also need extra clothes at school- socks, pants and underwear.


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