SK - May 24 / 2019


We hope you all had a wonderful long weekend. The SKs had a free choice for their journal entries this past Tuesday, and many still chose to write about their weekends! We also built our very own igloos using sugar, clay, and icing. We learned about the different materials used, where in the world, and why people built igloos in real life.


In Math, we are continuing to understand place value using different manipulatives and games. The SKs have also been showing off what they know by creating games using 3-D shapes!


In French, the students have continued to practise the days of the week, the months as well as numbers from one to thirty. The students have been practising to say the date in French.


This week in Art, the SKs began their ‘Bug’s Life’ art piece. Each student chose a bug to create using Model Magic. Then, they drew a habitat for their bug on a wood panel. Next week they will paint their wood panels.


In PHE this week, the SK’s reviewed the correct technique for a standing long jump. They worked on standing with feet slightly apart, taking off and landing using both feet, swinging arms and bending the knees to move them forward.


In Music, the SKs learned a partner song/dance called Charley Marley. It involves making a bridge with a partner and then cooperation as each pair goes through the human tunnel. They have to help each other as they sing and move through the tunnel.

Before Care Reminders

A gentle reminder that Before Care does NOT start until 7:30 AM.  There is no supervision before that time.

Looking Ahead

May 31st - Casual Day!

Next week, Mr. Pascal is away at Camp George with the Grade 4s and 5s from Tuesday-Friday. Ms. Sara will be in SKB for the week and a supply teacher will be covering Ms. Sara’s role.

Track and Field Day

On Thursday, June 6th we have our Track and Field Day. The activities will be held at Oriole Park. JK- Grade 2 students will participate in the morning from 9:00-11:00 am and Grades 3-5 in the afternoon from 1:00-3:00. Students need to come to school in their PHE uniform, house shirt and  black TYS shorts. They may accessorize with house colours. Students also need to bring a water bottle, sunscreen and hat.


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