SK - January 19 /2018

Dear Junior School Parents,

As you know, in last week's FLASH we included reminders of the Junior School's procedures and expectations for all community members with regards to drop-off and pick-up.

As many of you are aware, the nightmare scenario became a reality this week in Toronto for the St. Raphael School community and the family of 5-year old Camila Torcato. This tragedy is simply unacceptable (see link below) and we must act now to ensure the continued safety for our school community.

I have now had the chance to be part of the Junior School community for a few weeks and have really enjoyed getting to know the students, teachers and families. This time has also provided opportunities to observe some shocking behaviour at drop-off and pick-up, behaviour that if we don't act now, could put our students, students in the Yorkminster parking lot, staff and families at risk. Such examples include disobeying posted road signs/regulations, u-turning in the middle of Yonge St. and speeding through our parking lot. To be clear, this is unacceptable.

As we said last week, we are all busy, we all need to get to work or to an after-school activity, however, we can all agree that the safety and well-being of all members of The York School and neighbouring community is priority number one for all.

We have again included the procedures and expectations for drop-off and pick-up. Thanks to some parent suggestions, we have now defined two maps of the immediate area; one for the morning and one for the afternoon, highlighting the differences in flow and traffic regulations.

Please take the time this weekend to re-familiarize yourself with these reminders.

Please think about how you drive to/from school and if there are opportunities to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Please help all of us make The York School community safer for all.

Thank you.
Struan Robertson, Deputy Head, Academics 


In math, we are nearing the end of our Data Management and Probability unit. We have recently been learning about the words: possible, impossible, certain, always, sometimes, never, likely, unlikely. As we move into our Unit on ‘How We Express ourselves’, we will be exploring shapes, and the location and movement of objects. Looking ahead, we will be working with 3-D shapes that we have see in real life; if you could please start collecting 3-D objects (e.g., cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, empty soup cans, plastic containers…) for us to work with, we would greatly appreciate it.

The children have been learning the correct way to write numbers in their handwriting books. We are learning tricks to avoid reversals.

Our newest Inquiry Unit is called How We Express Ourselves. Our central idea is the following: Through the arts, imagination promotes creativity and can evoke a variety of emotions. We will be exploring all of the arts -dance, drama, visual art, writing and music. We did a gallery walk Monday morning looking at a variety of artifacts to do with creative expression. The children had fun guessing what different things were and how they may have been made with different materials, and we discussed how many of them are one of a kind.

In French, the students have been practising the date in French and singing about Winter.


We learned about Nadia Comaneci through a story called ‘Nadia, The Girl Who Couldn’t Sit Still’. The children were so interested in her, that they asked if we could watch videos of her Olympic performances and also to see what she looks like now. We also read a story called ‘The Blop ‘ and then the children designed their own Blops.

Looking Ahead

If you have any artwork on your walls, it would be fun to tell your children a bit about it, why you selected it, and how it makes you feel when you look at it.

We are looking for parent support for our Great Canadian Outdoor Day. Please email either Julie or Pascal/Morgan if you are able to help out on the afternoon of February 15. We will be going skating and would love for you to join us on the ice if possible to help your child skate. The teachers and children will be going to the rink by school bus and then returning to school to enjoy hot chocolate and a treat in the cafeteria. Please note that in order to go on the ice, skates are mandatory. Let us know if you will be able to join us so that we can properly plan for this outing. Also note that all children planning to skate must wear a helmet. If children do not have any skates, they will still attend and watch from the side of the rink.


With the ever-changing weather it is a great idea to pack extra socks for wet feet!

India - Global Pathways School Donation Drive

This week we will be kick starting our India donation drive (clothes and toys). Bins will be placed by fireplace in the Gathering Place for donation drop off. Please take a look at our "wish list" link below. This list will also be posted in each classroom and communicated in the FLASH for the next few weeks.

Junior School Pancake Breakfast - REGISTER NOW!

We are thrilled to host a Pancake Breakfast, hosted by The York School Parents’ Association (YPA) on February 22nd and 23rd.

Students are invited to bring a family member or friend to join them for a pancake breakfast at the school.

RSVP here!  

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.