SK - February 23 /2018

Parent Compass Points Feedback Meetings Reminder

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In The FLASH last week, we invited all Junior School parents to attend a follow up Compass Points coffee morning on either:

Monday, Feb. 26th @ 8:30 a.m. or
Tuesday, March 6th @ 8:30 a.m.

Both meetings will take place in the Junior School Cafeteria and will cover the same content. For parents who can't attend either coffee morning, we will include a summary in the FLASH.

We hope you are able to attend.


Val and Struan


We loved writing and drawing about our adventures over the long weekend! It seems like everyone had a fantastic time, and came back well rested and happy to see friends.

As part of our unit, we put our minds to work designing a new chair for baby bear. The children enjoyed listening to Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and a story called, A Chair for Baby Bear. Their designs were amazing! We will be wrapping up this unit next week, although we still plan on being just as creative as the year continues!

We are proud of all the SK children and how well they have learned the names of 2D and 3D shapes. They enjoyed playing a game where they make up clues for each other and try to guess the shape or solid that fits the clues.

This week in PHE,  the SK started a scooter board unit which will involve teamwork, manipulation and control. They will participate in relays and other games that can be adapted for the scooter boards.

In French, the students have been reminded that when the ligne magique (the magic line) is put on in class, the students are only allowed to use three words in English at most in class. They can ask Comment dit-on… for two words at a time. This has been reiterated in class to push the students to only speak in French during class time. One of the founding tenets of the Gesture Approach is that the target language should be used during instruction time (with some exceptions).

In PSE class, as part of our “changemakers” theme, we are continuing to use the “How is my Engine running” meter tool as an analogy to build awareness of the different states our bodies experience. Students have been practicing noticing their “engine speed” throughout the day. We discussed some ways that their engine can change - some of the student responses were: “I hug my mom to change from low to just right.” “I draw a picture to change from low to just right.” “I take a drink of water to change from high to just right.” “I look at a book to change from high to just right.”

Looking Ahead

Next week we will begin our unit on How the World Works. We will be looking at our senses and how they help us interpret the world around us. We were lucky to have a York parent, Paul Gertin, come to visit our classes this week. Mr. Gertin is visually impaired and answered all of the children’s questions. They were very curious and are excited about our next unit.

Spring Athletics

We are nearing the end of the Winter Season, and looking forward to Spring!  We are pleased to offer several GADPs and team sports for our Spring Season - click here to see the schedule (scroll down to page 3 for Spring).  The registration link will be in The Flash next Friday.


With our ever-changing weather, it is always helpful to have spare socks and rain gear at school.

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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