SK - March 29 /2018

Spring Athletics

Spring Athletics are just around the corner!  To sign up for our Spring Teams and GADPs, please click here.  The schedule for our spring offerings is here. If you have any questions, please email our Athletics Assistant, Norah Baine, at


We really enjoyed sharing about our March Break holiday adventures. If you would like to email us photos to show the class we would be happy to show them. The children wrote about their activities using our senses to tell what they saw, smelled, tasted, touched and heard. We brainstormed describing words for taste and will be conducting some taste experiments next week and learning about where we taste things on our tongues. We worked on phonics and spelling three- and four-letter words using sounding out strategies. We are also practicing the sign language alphabet. Finally, the children enjoyed learning about seeing eye dogs and having the opportunity to meet one on Wednesday.

This week in Art, the SK’s learned all about our artist of the month, Andy Warhol. They learned about pop art and printmaking. Students then used foam blocks to create their own prints.

In Music, the SK’s continued exploring sound by using the different lengths of tubing called Boomwhackers. We are singing songs about the five senses as well.

In French, the students were practising their song, Les cinq sens, in class. The students have also been listening to stories about the five senses in French.

Les cinq sens

Save the date! We will be having an assembly to celebrate our learning from our unit How the World Works on April 12th in the morning.

Just a few reminders, please return all shoes (please remember to check to see if shoes still fit), fresh set of spare clothes to be kept at school and water bottles. The mornings may still be chilly, so please be sure that your child is dressed suitably for the cool mornings with hats, mitts and splash pants. We would also like to clarify that umbrellas for children are not permitted during drop off or outdoor recess for safety reasons. They may keep them in their cubbies and use them to and from school.

We have noticed that children have started to wear non-uniform clothing, or other items that don’t follow the uniform policy. We ask that headbands and hair accessories are school colours and that ‘costume jewelry’ not be worn to school. We appreciate your support with this, as when one child is coming to school out of uniform, it makes it difficult for other families to enforce correct uniform. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We hope everyone has a fantastic long weekend!

Important Dates

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.