SK - September 14 / 2018


Thank you for joining us for Curriculum Night. We hope we answered all of your questions and inquiries.

On Monday, the students were excited to share their stories about their weekend or their summer vacation in their very first journal entries. Every week we will be introducing a new poem to the children and using it as a tool to teach rhyming words, grammar, spelling and other literacy based ideas. We reviewed the names of the wooden pieces used in Handwriting Without Tears, and built letters with them, as well as using modelling clay to make common sight words and letters.

As part of our first Unit of Inquiry, we explored the word ‘organization’ and how the people in our school community have different roles, responsibilities. The students also began to sort various materials in the classroom in different ways to further their understanding of ways to organize and how it helps us play.

In addition to sorting, we are creating and learning about patterns and how we see patterns everyday! We had an aha! moment, when we discovered that the days of the week are actually a pattern!

In Music, we are exploring beat and rhythm by walking, skipping, sliding and galloping to the music. We are also learning a song about germs and how to stay away from them!

In Art class, students continue to explore and investigate using the variety of materials we have available to them. Students in SK extended their learning about colour mixing and artistry through the stories The Dot, and Sky Colour, both written by Peter Reynolds. Art Learning Areas were introduced this week, allowing for groups of students to sculpt, bead, paint, and sketch. We will continue move through these learning areas as the month progresses.


Here are links to the timetables for SKA and SKB for you to refer to.


If your child is going to be absent, please email both your child’s teacher, and the attendance email. The email addresses are: for Julie, and for Pascal The main attendance is

If you have not done so already, please send extra clothes, socks and underwear in a clear Ziploc bag (please label) to be kept in your child’s cubby, as well as a water bottle. Water bottles will be kept at school for the week and sent home Friday. We also need indoor shoes - gym shoes for summer uniform, black shoes for the winter uniform. Although there is a snack provided on the meal plan, we strongly recommend sending extra snacks. There is snack time twice a day.

Looking Ahead

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