SK - September 21 / 2018


The children liked listening to stories about Terry Fox, watching video clips and sharing what their goals and dreams are. We’re looking forward to the run with the Middle School and Senior School on Monday.

The classes are becoming fantastic sorters and organizers, and are doing a great job explaining their thinking behind the way they group items. Some ways were by colour, shape, size, and function. We have been doing surveys as a class and some students have taken the initiative to make their own.

SK also sorted pictures of some of the staff members according to their roles and responsibilities at school.

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We began going over the correct formation of letters F and E, and have been listening to the children read. They drew pictures of a time that they were caring. We have been discussing the story elements of characters, setting, problem and solution.

In Music, we are exploring beat and rhythm by walking, skipping, sliding and galloping to the music. We are also learning a song about germs and how to stay away from them!

This week in Art class, Senior Kindergarten students have been investigating and exploring the properties and variations of line. As a class, we brainstormed varieties of lines, and then used them to illustrate a piece called, Exploration of Line. We are continuing our work on line next week. In addition to our line pieces, we have also been beading. This week, Ms. Melissa asked: What do you love about art? Students’ responses were documented; individual students choose their favourite beads to hang above their workspace as creative inspiration for projects to come.

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In French, the students have been reviewing the learning basic words needed to function in the first few weeks of French class. The students have also heard our new play, La petite poule rouge (The Little Red Hen).


Here are links to the timetables for SKA and SKB for you to refer to.


If your child is going to be absent, please email both your child’s teacher, and the attendance email. The email addresses are: for Julie, and for Pascal The main attendance is

If you have not done so already, please send extra clothes, socks and underwear in a clear Ziploc bag (please label) to be kept in your child’s cubby, as well as a water bottle. Water bottles will be kept at school for the week and sent home Friday. We also need indoor shoes - gym shoes for summer uniform, black shoes for the winter uniform. Although there is a snack provided on the meal plan, we strongly recommend sending extra snacks. There is snack time twice a day.

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