SK - September 28 / 2018


Thanks to everyone who joined us on the Terry Fox run Monday. We had a fantastic time and we are very proud of the children!


We are learning about addition word problems in Math. We are doing them as a whole group so that we can share our thinking with each other. Any time you encounter addition in your daily life, it would be helpful to point it out to the children (e.g. estimating the cost of groceries at the store, thinking about time - in 2 hours we need to leave the house, how many forks do we need to set the table etc.). You may also be seeing a lot of surveys coming home. The SKs love finding out more about their friends and have started to graph their surveys as well!


We have been introducing common sight words otherwise known as “no excuses” words. These are words that are very common such as: “ like, as, the, I, we, in, if, it, is, but”  We are learning to read and spell them correctly.


In Art class, students use their developing knowledge of line to investigate and experiment with use of white glue, assorted colours and lengths of yarn, and wax paper. Stay tuned on Seesaw as this interesting creation develops over the week!


In PHE class, we have started to work on our locomotor skills such as hopping, galloping, leaping and skipping. These skills are the basic ways to move which are the foundation to any sport or activity. We are learning these skills by playing a variety of  games and through different activities.


In French, the students have continued to practise and  learn the play, La petite poule rouge. They have also been practising the basic words and gestures that they need to build up their basic fluency such as marche, cours, regarde and so on.


In Music, we continue to explore the space in the room by moving (skipping, crawling, swimming, galloping) to the change of tempo and style of the music. We are learning a song about fish and another song about peace.


If your child is going to be absent, please email both your child’s teacher, and the attendance email. The email addresses are: for Julie, and for Pascal The main attendance is

PICTURE DAY! Tuesday, October 2nd is pictures day. While It is a gym day for SKB we ask that you please send the children in their regular uniform that day and not in gym clothes.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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