SK - October 4 / 2018


Last week the SKs went on a nature walk and along the way we collected sticks, leaves, rocks, and pinecones. This week we broke the sticks into smaller pieces and used them to make a tally of everything we found on our walk! The SKs are really enjoying making surveys and graphs - we are taking this opportunity to graph the weather for the month of October! Hopefully, we will get to add some more sunny days to our graph!

The SKs are continuing their inquiry into what a “community” is. We’re making personal connections to our communities at home, in our city, and at the York School!

We are beginning to incorporate Guided Reading time, where small groups will read a story together with a teacher. We are also learning how to make predictions and retell a story in our own words! In our journal writing on Mondays, we are writing about real-life events that have happened on the weekend. It would be helpful during your morning commute on Mondays to help refresh their memory.

FRENCH - The students have been practising counting. They have been learning a song called, Le boogie woogie des chiffres. It is a song about numbers from one to eleven. Listen to the song here: Le boogies woogie des chiffres

MUSIC - We read The Gruffalo’s Child and have added in percussion instruments for effect. We also sang a song about giving thanks for the sun, clouds, wind, birds and our imaginations called “Thanks A Lot”.

ART - We are working to complete our self-portraits using fine detail on our faces. We have also been focussing on scissor skills, and using our materials with care and respect. Keep your eye out on Seesaw for our art projects - they will also be hung later this week near the Kindergarten area on the first floor.


Please be sure to dress children according to weather. The days are cooler and some days are wet. The children still go out if it’s drizzling. We only keep them in if it’s pouring rain; therefore, splash pants and boots are a must.

Winter uniform begins on Tuesday, October 9th. The children will continue to wear their outdoor shoes/rain boots for recess but their uniform black shoes will be worn when indoors. We know that shoes and uniforms can be confusing, so please don’t hesitate to email or ask!


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.