SK - November 2 / 2018


We have had a very exciting week! Thank you for joining us for Parent-Teacher interviews for this term! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to follow-up on our discussions.

The Halloween party and parade was a big success! Thank you for joining us and thank you to the parents involved in setting it up.


In PSE we have been using the language “Make it Better” to help students understand perspective, build the skills of empathy and resolve conflicts. Through puppet plays, the students recognize the perspectives in a conflict. They are then asked how can the puppets, “Make it Better.” The students give ideas and the puppets try out their ideas. Students see that to “Make it Better” takes caring and responsibility for ourselves, our classmates and our school.


We are wrapping up our Unit of Inquiry on our School Community. The SKs have chosen a York School community member to describe and role-play. Keep an eye out for those on SeeSaw. Our next unit will be on Who we are - International Mindedness. The central idea how the IB Learner Profile attributes create global citizens.


Our Borrow-A-Book program will be begin the week of November 13th. We will send you more details about it in next week’s Flash.


In art class, learners have been working on their leaf transparencies. This was an observational project, where students chose a leaf, traced its lines using the light table, and then added colours with seasonal colours. These, along with their fired and glazed clay leaves will be on-display in an installation next week. On another note, I’d like to thank the parents who met with me to discuss their child’s progress in art class. For those that inquired, here is a link to some great fine motor activities that will continue to foster your child’s love of art, in addition to aiding in the continued development of their printing:


In Music, the SKs sang a song for Hallowe’en called Three Ghosts. They started a counting song called Barnacle Bill. The SKs also danced/moved to the song Monster Mash.


In French, the students have been practising to say the days of the week and have been introduced to the months of the year. The children have started saying the date with the teacher. See more here: Les jours de la semaine


Today is Friday B. SKB has gym, SKB does not. Next Friday is the beginning of the long weekend.

Junior School Athletics

Don’t forget to register your child in one of our Junior School Athletic Programs that are being offered for the winter term. Don’t see a sport your child would like to play? Check out our Gladiator Athletic Development Programmes and alternative sports we offer!

Click here to sign up!


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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