SK - November 8 / 2018


We carried on with handwriting this week and are nearly finished reviewing the correct formation of all of the uppercase letters. Next week we will begin learning lowercase letters

The classes enjoyed talking about Remembrance Day, and made some poppies and wreaths together in community on Tuesday. The SK’s attended the whole school assembly Thursday morning.


In Math, we are continuing to practice counting by 2’s and are learning about the many ways numbers can be represented. We are doing number stories with subtraction also.


The children are loving reading stories they wrote about our class pets (Fluffy the cat in SKA and Spiky the hedgehog in SKB - stuffed animals).

Unit of Inquiry

We have begun our new Unit of Inquiry and read a story about being principled and caring. The story is about two best friends at school who learn that being a good friend means encouraging your friend to do the right thing, and not follow them if they are breaking the rules. This month the school wide focus is on what it means to be an inquirer. We read a story called Rosie Revere the Engineer.


In Art class this week, students are glazing their clay leaves that are fresh from the kiln. The leaves will visit the kiln once more to harden before joining our installation that will be hung outside of Kindergarten. In addition to the clay leaves this week, students are learning about Henri Matisse, and are creating Matisse-inspired self-portraits using unique watercolour paintings, scissors, and glue. Stay-tuned for this interesting take on a self-portrait!


In Music, the SK’s started a song about colours and they tested themselves about quarter and eighth notes in a rhythm game. The SK’s also learned a partner song called Circle Round the Zero.


In French, the students have been practising the date in French, that is saying the numbers from one to ten, the different days of the week and the months in French. The students have also been practising the play, La petite poule rouge, in class.

We hope everyone has a fantastic long weekend!


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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