SK - November 23 / 2018


As part of our Who We Are unit, we are going to be inquiring into how the PYP Learner Attributes create a global citizen. The SKs are beginning to grasp the meaning behind the words “global” and “citizen”, but before we dive deeper into the Learner Profile, we would like to learn more about each other. This means we have homework for the first time this year! We are sending home a paper bag for the SKs to fill with objects that will show the class more about who they are AND that can fit in the bag.


The SKs explored blocks of tens and ones this week. We will be spending a lot of time working with the base ten blocks to reinforce the concepts of place value, number sense, and counting.


This week in Art class, students in Senior Kindergarten are completing their woven summative projects for their previous unit on community, and are also beginning work on their new unit as they investigate further into their inquiry about how the learner profile traits create global citizens.


In Music, the SKs are learning the story of The Nutcracker and The Mouse King. Today they moved to the Trepak (Russian) dance. They continue to practice their songs for the Harmony Concert on Friday December 21st.


In French, the students have started to learn about the colours in French. The students have started to learn a new song called, L’arc-en-ciel (The Rainbow). Listen along here: Arc-en-ciel


In PHE, the students have just finished a Frisbee unit. They worked on throwing and catching through a variety of centres. Next week we will have fun with the parachute.


We are beginning our home reading program this week. We will send anywhere from one to a few books home in a ziplock bag for your child to practice reading. Please feel free to keep them as long as you wish and return them when you need new ones. Some strategies to help you are: cover up part of a word to make it into more manageable bits to sound out, and looking at the pictures for clues as to what the word could be.

Next Friday (the 30th) is a Friday A - SKA has gym.


Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.

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