SK - December 20 / 2018


We had an exciting last week in SK. The classes loved going to the Senior School to rehearse and look forward to watching the holiday concert!

Thanks so much to our class parents Andrea, Alexandra, Femina and Lesley for their hard work organizing our party. The kids really enjoyed all the activities!

In centres this week, we enjoyed using our new Make-do construction pieces with cardboard to use our imagination and build. The children have made excellent progress with their handwriting skills and are working on finishing up their workbooks, having been taught all the lower case letters. They have been randomly filling out “bucket fillers” for their classmates, and enjoy hearing them read aloud. We certainly have very caring SKs!

We also enjoyed learning about area and measuring things around our kindergarten area.

We hope that everyone has a relaxing break and look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

Happy Holidays!

In French, the students were practising the date. The students practised the days of the week, their numbers from one to twenty and the months of the year. They sang songs to help to memorize them.

In Music, the SKs have been watching the different dances from The Nutcracker Ballet. They are prepared and are looking forward to their performance on Friday!


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