SK - January 19 / 2019


The SKs have had an action packed week! Thank you to Ms. Spencer for organizing a visit from Andrew Larsen. The SKs enjoyed every minute of Andrew Larsen’s read-aloud of ‘A Squiggly Story’ on Thursday! Today, the SKs were thrilled to be able to join the whole school school in watching the To Be Determined Theatre Company perform The Paper Bag Princess! They were excellent audience members!

All of the SKs have received their very own The York School Book Bag! Everyone is very excited to take extra care of the books we get from the library and our home reading program.


Our Word Walls are starting to take shape and the SKs are doing a great job of being independent by checking the word wall before asking for help with spelling.


In Math, we are continuing to measure everything from time to money! We have added cash registers to our Dramatic Play centres and the students love it! We have also been exploring different ways to make 10, such as using ten frames. In our word problems, we have been solving addition problems using real-life examples.


In Art, we are continuing on with the project inspired by the two texts, The Word Collector, and The Best Part of Me. Students are in their final week of work for this project before we move to the next unit. As a stand-alone this week, we also investigated printmaking with foam board and block printing ink.


In Music, the SKs looked at different coloured tubes called Boomwhackers and discussed what changes the pitch. The students then played Twinkle, twinkle little stars on the Boomwhackers. The SKs have also started a song about the five senses.


In French, the students have been learning about the weather. They have been singing a song called Quel temps fait-il?. The students have learning to describe the weather in French.

Quel temps fait-il?


Last week, the calendar below stated that we have Student-Centred Interviews upcoming; however, the JKs and SKs have Parent-Teacher Interviews. The Student-Centred Interviews are only for Grades 1-5.

Please make sure to check The York School’s full school calendar regularly for updates, locations and times.