January 26 / 2018

Message from Elissa Kline-Beber, Director of Wellness


Today marks the beginning of our Grade 11 and 12 midterm exams. As parents, we can all likely recall writing our own sets of high school exams. Indeed, exam writing is one of the best examples of a classic adolescent stress. There is no doubt that exams are uncomfortable for students - preparing is challenging, tiring and often anxiety provoking. But exam writing is an intrinsic part of most middle and high school careers and developing the resilience to manage this kind of non-catastrophic discomfort is critical for students. In truth, childhood and adolescence is filled with these kinds of typical stressors. All children will, at one time, encounter challenges such as peer conflicts, disappointing team tryouts, or family changes. Our goal, at The York School, is to create a school environment in which students are able to wrestle with and successfully weather these challenges.

At a time when concern regarding young people’s mental health is on the rise, we recognize the powerful preventative role school can play in helping to both educate and respond to the range of issues our students and families are confronting.  Shielding young people from life’s challenges is neither possible nor, do I think, desirable and most students will find their way through these trials. However, an important aspect of mental health literacy is the ability to recognize and respond to the cohort of young people who, when faced with these stressors, become overwhelmed by powerful feelings of worry or sadness. It is this critical early identification and intervention piece that we can best achieve through a comprehensive ‘Social and Emotional Learning programme, meaningful relationships with our students and a robust home/school partnership.

The York School aspires to be a place where conversations are safe, where asking for help is the norm, and where connection is paramount. Looking forward, the theme for February is Mindfulness and Mental Health. In all three divisions, during our Wellness Week (February 12-15) and throughout the month, our students will be engaged in developmentally appropriate programming intended to broaden their understanding of wellness and promote mental health awareness. The intention is to promote meaningful discussion about how we take care of our minds and bodies. These are essential conversations which we hope will filter into your homes as well, as we work together to nurture balanced, healthy students.

India Day!

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On Friday January 19th 2018, The York School celebrated India Day.

With the help of the community through our raffle, cake and donations we were able to raise over $3,000 dollars for Global Pathways School (GPS) in India.

With the money raised from India Day, the Car Wash and the Bake Sale, we are able to purchase a new playground for the students at GPS!

We also added a clothing drive this year and have so much to share with the GPS families. Thank you to the whole York School community for participating and supporting this initiative!

Amy Forsyth, Anna Eberlee and the India Team :)

The York School Fund

Keep an eye out for updates from The York School Fund on campus starting next week to see how your donations are helping us shine every day.


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