February 9 / 2018

Struan Robertson, Deputy Head, Academics

It is Parent / Teacher Conference time at The York School. Parents often ask “what can we do to support our child’s learning?”

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Research abounds on the benefits of a positive relationship between student, school and parents. Parents and schools are partners in providing the supports required to help students thrive. The formula for a positive, productive working relationship is true at school as in life – and is predicated on mutual respect, trust, goodwill and shared responsibility.

In my time so far, I observe that The York School is an inclusive and close-knit community. It is also clear that there is a desire for more parenting workshops, articles and ways to be more effectively and actively involved in developing socialized, healthy (and academically thriving) children.

An article appeared this week in The Globe and Mail written by a remarkable 17-year old girl who I have had the honour of knowing. It is a perspective on parenting as seen through the eyes of a young woman who is a gifted, competitive dancer. As a parent who coaches three hockey teams, I remind myself to keep car rides open forums for dialogue. It is sometimes during these indirect, quiet times that our children will truly open up about their days.

Madison states in the article, “Parents, you are missing out on the best part of your child’s competitive sport and all that it has to offer if you’re too busy watching through hungry eyes.” As we meet to discuss ways of supporting our children and students most effectively, I hope we can pause to reflect on the fundamentals of good partnership that provide the basis for the most positive results for our children.

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