March 29 / 2018

Message from Conor Jones, Head of School and Elissa Kline-Beber, Director of Wellness

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Dear Parents,

When talking to your children about drugs and alcohol, encourage delayed use as long as possible and keep pointing out that they are overestimating the use of drugs and alcohol amongst their peers.

This is the ‘take-away’ that the professionals from FCD (Free from Chemical Dependence) would like you to reinforce with your children, if there was only one key message from this week’s workshops.

FCD reinforced that the vulnerable teenage brain needs to be kept healthy by making positive healthy choices. By correcting the perception of students (and their parents) through facts, data and discussion, we are helping students know that when they make healthy choices they are statistically in the majority. 

Special thanks to all our parents who support The York School Fund as these donations are key to our ability to bring in such world-class professionals.  In addition to divisional assemblies, our prevention specialists also met with our faculty, administrative team, mentors, our executive team and parents in recognition of the need to respond to this issue as a whole community. 

If you missed the parent workshops, we encourage you to have a look at the slide presentation attached here. The parent session is being recorded this afternoon and will be available upon request through Ms. Kline Beber (

With respect,

Conor, Elissa and, well, everyone.

(Wishing you a Happy Easter and Passover for those celebrating this weekend.)

The Fulford League - Judges Needed!

Dear parents and members of the York School Community,

The Fulford League is the oldest student debate leagues in Ontario. Comprising of 21 CIS schools, the League meets three times a year in healthy competition. This year, The York School has the honour of hosting the final competition of the League calendar. The Spring Fulford event will be held on the 21st of April in the Middle and Senior School. The prepared motion is: This house should rescind Aung San Suu Kyi’s honorary Canadian citizenship.

In order for the event to run smoothly and to ensure that students from other CIS schools have a great experience, we are in need of debate judges! No experience is required, as there is a briefing on how to judge debate. The briefing will begin at 9 am and the final round will end between 2 and 2:30 pm. If you are free, please fill out this form and join us in what promises to be an exciting day of discourse and discussion!

- Grace Nolan, Shannon Barber and Rob Burkett

Facility Rentals Update

Please note that we will not be taking on any new parent or external rentals until further notice. We are currently in the process of re-evaluating and updating our rental program to better suit our community. We thank you for your patience and understanding.