April 13 / 2018

Message from Helen Gin, Middle School Principal

As April unfolds, we are in the final months of the school year.  In April, the following activities were listed on our school calendar:

  • Conference of Independent School Music Festival involving all 3 divisions at Roy Thomson Hall
  • International Day of Pink Assembly at the York School
  • Debate competitions in St. Catherines (Novice Debate), and South Africa (World)
  • Fulford Debate Competition hosted at The York School
  • Public Speaking Competition at Sterling Hall
  • Ontario Model UN at UCC
  • Reach for the Top Competition at Royal St. Georges
  • Science competitions at University of Toronto
  • SK Learning Celebration
  • Grandpals and Special Friends Day
  • Gregg LeRock Concert in Mississauga
  • Grade 5 Poetry Workshop
  • Grade 6 Digital Hate Workshop
  • Middle and Senior School Arts Showcase
  • A university fair hosted by the York School
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Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 11.58.01 AM.png

Not listed in the calendar, but each and every day, York School teachers welcome our students, give reassuring gestures, mediate social dynamics among students, meet with students for extra support, cheer lead students, coach after school, make phone calls, respond to and send emails, attend meetings, plan, grade, and give care to the well being of our students.

What students learn intellectually and emotionally extends well beyond the curriculum and can be attributed to the connections they have made with a teacher through the activities described above. Much of a teacher’s day is implicitly linked to student life and therefore does not make it to the calendar. As the year draws to a close, we can see this investment in our children’s growth and development and appreciate our exceptionally passionate, caring and committed teachers. 

‘A teacher affects eternity, he [they] can never tell where his [their]  influence stops’