April 27 / 2018

Message from Conor Jones, Head of School

Dear York School Community,

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Community and communication have been cornerstones of our fifty plus years successfully growing The York School. Clear and open communication sets a solid foundation in building a positive school climate.  

One of the ways you can assist us in improving our communications is to participate in our Parent Survey. We are looking forward to hearing directly from you regarding which areas you think we are doing well, and where you see room for improvement. This is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts and simply (and anonymously) have your say in all aspects of our school and community.

On Tuesday afternoon, you will receive an invitation to complete our 2017-2018 Parent Survey - it will arrive in your inbox from my email address (cjones@yorkschool.com via surveymonkey.com). Please open the email and take 15 minutes to share your opinions and help guide our next steps. Additional information is in the email you will receive. Please check your spam folder if you have not received it by 4:00 PM on May 1.

This survey is partially a response to issues raised in our recent Compass Point meetings with parents and faculty. From those meetings we formed an ad hoc Communications Committee comprised of parent representatives from the York Parents Association (YPA) with representation from the Junior, Middle and Senior School parents. We worked with an outside consultant to audit our internal and external communications and related processes. The goal of this work is to deepen our partnership with all in our school community and ensure open lines of communication.

The guiding principles for our communication with parents, staff, students and our wider community were reviewed and are stated here: The York School is committed to maintaining open lines of communication to all stakeholders to provide timely, transparent, relevant, consistent, concise and useful information while respecting the safety, privacy, dignity and legal obligations of our entire community. We will communicate with integrity, trust, partnership, and openness in a timely manner that respects all in our community.

I thank you for taking the time to complete our Parent Survey when it arrives and I look forward to sharing the information we gather from the survey with you in the fall.


Conor Jones
Head of School