May 4 / 2018

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Karel O’Brien and Gerald O’Leary, along with their twin sons Colm and Darragh (Grade 10), first joined The York School in 2008 when the boys were entering Grade 2 and there was just one campus at 1320 Yonge Street. Recently, we asked them to reflect on their experience as York School parents and donors over the past 10 years.  

What do you love most about The York School?
We love that there is a sense that your children are well-supported as they go along their own journey. And we love that The York School tries to provide your children with individual support so they can do the best they can. 

What inspired you to make your first donation to The York School?
Our experience has been that when you make a donation to The York School, your donation doesn’t go into a void; you actually see benefit from your investment. For example, we donated to the 1320 Fast Forward Campaign and because of the school’s commitment to using the funds to help change the learning environment and help children in the classroom. You could see your donation being put to good use immediately. As with The York School Fund, we like that the school proposes something more tangible that we can donate to.               

What is the best part of being a donor?
We really like seeing the tangible results of our donations. That means a lot to us. We also appreciate how The York School recognizes us as donors. Even though we may not be the biggest donors, we feel like our donations are always recognized in a nice way.    

In what other capacities do you support The York School?
The York School has been a great community to engage with. There are many different types of opportunities for engagement, even for those of us who are full time working parents. There are a good variety of parents and students at the school and it makes you feel well-supported when participating.

Any final comments?
The 'learning through experience' programme - the ICE Programme - was really innovative and was great for our children at that age. In this day and age, you realize it’s not just going to be your primary degree that influences where you go in life. It’s going to be that flexibility and resilience and ability to explore other things that’s going to be important. The York School is doing a really good job preparing children for life, not just for grades.

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