May 17 / 2018

Message from David Hanna, Director of University Counselling

There are two perennially big decisions graduates contend with in the month of May. With whom do I go to the prom? Where will I land for university? The Class of 2018 is fortunate to have plenty of offers of admissions from universities around the world to choose from, although I can’t speak to the intricacies of prom dates.

The Class of 2018 has been admitted to some remarkable university programs for this fall. York students have offers from some of the most competitive programs at leading universities in both Canada and elsewhere in the world. These include Queen’s University Commerce, McMaster University’s Health Sciences, Western’s Ivey School of Business Advanced Entry, and a notable selection of American, U.K. and Australian universities – they are most certainly taking on the world.

Our students understand that they must be much more than the sum of their marks. Top university and college programs around the world are increasingly evaluating students not only on their marks but on their profile – a profile that looks at their experiences, interests and abilities to think, analyze and communicate. Grads in 2018 must be skilled storytellers as well as academics, athletes and young people of demonstrated character.

York students are very fortunate – they take advantage of a myriad of opportunities through our extensive Student Life program. By participating in teams, clubs, committees and initiatives, York student are able to develop the key but unquantifiable soft skills, so critical in distinguishing themselves from the masses of other applicants. Throughout the university counselling process, we are dedicated to helping our student find the best-fit programs for their interests and to help our students move into the next stage of their lives in meaningful ways.

Though many of our grads have made some final decisions, there are plenty still weighing their options. As always, the University Counselling Office is deeply committed to helping our students make the best choice. As for who to ask to the prom – well – we wish them the best of luck!

An early congratulations to the Class of 2018. You have all been amazing.

David Hanna
Director of University Counselling