June 1 / 2018

Message from Rick DeMarinis, Director of Athletics


Congratulations to all our student-athletes, coaches and parents on a great 2017-2018 athletic year!  To be successful athletes, we need to leave our mark at every practice and every competition. All our athletic award winners did so this year. We celebrated our Middle and Senior School Spring Athletes this week at our Recognition Assembly.  

Gladiator Athletics continues to showcase its development across the athletic spectrum. 2018-2019 will focus on creating culture. The staples of The York School’s athletic culture will be habits, attitude, relationships, daily celebration, and balance. These pillars will be key in creating a culture that fosters dedication and celebration of our Gladiator student-athletes. 2018-2019 will be a busy and rewarding athletic year, and our new initiatives will support our athletic pursuits. Our Athlete Institute will take a new form and will include new facilitators such as NBA skills coach David Nurse and Canadian Olympian Martin Reader. The purpose of the Athlete Institute is to provide top quality, year-round training to our athletes. We need ALL of our athletes at these sessions to truly see where our programme can go.  

Athletic Development and Strength and Conditioning will also be a focus in 2018-2019. Sport-specific programmes have been developed and the expectation will be that each athlete who is a part of our programme should train throughout the week outside of their practice slots. We are the first school in Canada to offer parent training programmes throughout the week as part of our commitment to personal wellness for our entire community.

Finally, we will focus on educating both our student-athletes and parents on the importance of school sport. Through a blog, panel discussions, presentation, and for the first time, an athletic counselling programme for our athletes, we want to promote that balance is completely attainable and that being a great student and athlete only adds to the school experience.

To help our families plan ahead, our 2018-2019 Practice Schedules are finalized - for Junior School click here, Middle School click here, Senior School click here, Strength & Conditioning (for Grades 6-12 students and all parents) click here. Registration for our Junior School Fall GADPs and our Parent & Student Strength and Conditioning programmes are open now - simply click on the links on the practice schedules! Middle School and Senior School students will meet in the fall to sign up for teams.

As the Athletic Director, I am excited for 2018-2019 and creating a sustainable athletic culture which strives for 100% participation of our community.

Rick DeMarinis
Director of Athletics

Parents: please sign up for our Early Action Activity Morning if you are interested in admission to JK/SK/Grade 1 for 2019/2020.

Uniform Ordering for the 2018-19 school year

TOP MARKS is pleased to be the uniform supplier for The York School and are committed to serving you to the best of their ability. Top Marks asks for your cooperation to ensure that you receive your uniforms on time. Delivery cannot be guaranteed before the start of school if your order is received after June 30, 2018.

Fitting Dates

The York School invites you to attend a uniform fitting session. These fitting sessions are conducted by appointment only and provide you with the ability to have your child fitted and complete your order form. If you are already familiar with Top Marks sizing, you are not required to attend a fitting session.

You may book your appointment using one of the following options:

  • Online through Top Marks web-based appointment system. Visit www.topmarks.ca and click “Online Orders”. Create a family profile by entering YOR01 as your school specific password and completing the registration form. Under the section titled “Appointments”, click “Book Now”. For each child that requires an appointment, please select from the drop-down menu whether they are are a new or returning student and click “Verify Availability”. Select your desired appointment time and click “Book Now” directly below.
  • By calling Top Marks Customer Service Department at 1-800-667-7105 (Monday - Friday, (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM).

If you are not able or do not need to attend any of the fitting dates above, you may place your uniform order online via www.topmarks.ca. Note that The York School’s code is YOR01.

Parents: please note the following schedule for the York Cafe at 1320 Yonge Street:


June 8th is the last day for Full York Cafe Service

June 11th & 12th-  Hot lunches are available
June 11-13th Freshi Menu of salads, smoothies, yogurt parfaits and frozen yogurt is available
June 14th YPA lunch - sign up is required
June 15th  - 'grab and go' items from the Cafe fridge section available

Angel, Martin (entering JK), Thomas (SK), Edward (Grade 3) and Qiang Du

Angel, Martin (entering JK), Thomas (SK), Edward (Grade 3) and Qiang Du

The Du family first joined The York School community in January 2016 when their eldest son was mid-way through Grade 1. Angel and Qiang recently shared with us their experience as parents and donors.

What was your first impression of The York School?
We found The York School to be delicate - pleasing to our senses. The teachers were friendly. The students were very polite. Most importantly, everyone looked happy.

What do you love most about The York School?
One day after school, our eldest son told us that people do not differ because of different skin colours. Our family is very much in agreement with the value of equality and we love that The York School promotes diversity and inclusion.

What inspired you to make your first donation to The York School?
Our boys enjoy their time at school very much. It is because we have been so pleased with our
experience that we decided to make a donation to the school. We wanted to do our best to contribute to the construction and further development of the school. We feel very proud of this action and proud to be York School donors.

Why is giving to The York School important to your family?
Giving is a way for our family to recognize the great work the school is doing. It also shows our children that we like the school as much as they do and are willing to support the place that is so important to them.

In what other capacities do you support The York School?
Volunteerism is an important value in our family. We think it's important to have a positive impact on our children. Volunteering allows our family to interact with other families and other schools to promote mutual understanding. We look forward to participating in more volunteer activities in the future.

What is most rewarding about getting involved in these different ways?
Each way of getting involved is very valuable and brings with it a sense of honour and pride.