June 8 / 2018

Message from Conor Jones, Head of School

Dear Community,

It has become a tradition for Mr Jones to share his address to the graduates in the Flash. The graduation of our IB students took place last Friday and was a moving and exciting event. Here is the Head’s Address to the Graduates of 2017-2018:

Parents, Honoured Guests, Faculty, Graduates,

I take this duty, that of speaking to the graduates on this auspicious day, seriously. I feel the pressure of the opportunity and the responsibility. I wonder each year, long before I approach this podium, what message can I possibly deliver.

We are celebrating the culmination of years of successful education. What have we missed? There is something we may not have mentioned in the race to this moment. That is a simple fact: Graduates, your parents love you. I have seen them over the years push and pull, step back when they want to step forward, be there by your side when you needed them, and be there by your side when you were, to be frank, rather rude. Despite rumours to the contrary, I do not believe any parent has made the sacrifices required to send their children to The York School because they dislike them. As such, a portion of today is simply about love. It should also be a moment of gratitude.

Graduates, take time today to hug your parents, say thank you. Do it with a humility that recognizes much of your success today belongs to them. And parents, unless you hold an International Baccalaureate Diploma, recognize that your children have accomplished something you have not, and that, at their age, perhaps could not. And tell them you are proud of them.

Today is a momentous day because it is rare in our lives that we gather together those who matter most to us and tell them we love them, we are grateful for them, we respect them, and we are proud of them. And rarer still, the days when those words work well both ways. Do not waste the opportunity to speak these words today.

And now, I begin my actual speech. (Please click here)

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