October 4 / 2018


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Dear Parents,

This week I learned a great deal about our school when I toured Mrs Saha around it. Mrs. Saha is a Board member from the Global Pathways School in India. She was in Toronto to meet the Canadian benefactors of Global Pathways School and to see The York School.

In the universe of Global Pathways School, The York School is an invisible hand of support (13376.15 kilometers away!). We send students each year to work in the school, to teach and help and play with the students there. We bring books and supplies. We have set up playgrounds and provided and planted trees. The Principal there is Jim Brickell, a former York School teacher. Global Pathways School was founded by Barbara Goodwin Ziebots, founder of the York School. In far off Tamil Nadu, there is some York School there.

I know a few things about Global Pathways School: how it grew out of an orphanage, how the first class students were dressed in York School uniforms, how it grew so large it needed to move to an old match factory, and then grew even larger to move out of that old match factory into a larger space. I know our York School students helped build a swing set that the local children call ‘the circus’. Today the school is two stories high and growing. Visiting several years ago, I thought I knew alot about Global Pathways School. What I did not reflect on however, until Mrs. Saha toured this week, was how Global Pathways School influenced The York School. The Global Pathways School is a tangible reminder of who we are as The York School when we are at our best.

Almost every teacher Mrs. Saha passed on her tour had a story about Global Pathways School to share:

  • Ms Spencer helped set up the library there, now at 4000 volumes

  • Justin Medved was the architect of their computer systems (they were on a google platform even before The York School!)

  • Barb Prevedello hugged Mrs. Saha because Barb stayed with Mrs. Saha when she visited GPS for an extended period

  • David Hamilton, talked about the old buildings the school was housed in

  • Elissa spoke about how the excursion to GPS changes our students perspectives in a meaningful and long term way (they have 4000 books and can only read during the day as there is no power in the settlement)

  • David Hanna spoke about his plans to assist the first GPS graduates two years from now as they apply to university.  Even the university ambassador who was visiting York grew excited at the possibility of partnering to assist these students.

The brief tour of The York School took hours as everything at The York School it turns out has an echo at GPS. Our existence supports a school on the other side of the world that emulates our values, uniforms, and house systems in a strange fashion that complements who we are and what we can accomplish.

This weekend as we celebrate Thanksgiving. I know with certainty there will be turkey, and stuffing, and pumpkin pie, apple picking and kids running around. In the moment I am inevitably asked  “What are you thankful for?” I will answer that I am thankful for Global Pathways School, and how a tour with Mrs. Saha reminded me of the positives in my life and school. It reminds us that our community is filled with people with kind hearts, always keen to help.

Wishing you and your family a thankful Thanksgiving.


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Performance Parenting - Shifting perspective through disruption

October 23rd - 6:00 - 7:30PM at York School Cafeteria

For the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, P&G released it’s famous “Thanks Mom” commercial. It was a powerful campaign that closed with the message: “Thank you for teaching us that falling only makes us stronger.” What else it showed, was that behind every determined athlete there is a positive support team spurring them on with grit and love. Is your child that athlete? As a parent, what is your role?

Join us on October 23 for a powerful evening of discussion led by three master coaches and thought leaders as they tackle performance parenting in 2018. This will involve 3X20minute presentations followed by a panel discussion + Q&A.

Talk 1 - Discover your role in defining your child’s experience in school.

‘There is no try, only do’ - Yoda.

There has been a great deal of research, and much more written on how one’s attitude affects how we look at successes and failures through the arc of a students’ academic progress. We realize that it is important to explore the mechanisms through which this attitude is formed. By understanding the mechanism, it’s possible to create an experience characterized by emotional fulfillment. One’s approach to life affects how one looks at their own ‘narrative’.

The talk will be lead by Johnny Cassels, founder of Cassels Tutoring - a UCC old boy and McGill graduate - who focusses both on helping students understand challenging curriculum material and also how they can be accountable to themselves. A parent plays a large role in developing a positive can-do attitude.

Talk 2 - You are not what you do

How to use Mindfulness to detach from identity and find value within yourself and those around

you. The answer to everything is love - when we are constantly seeking love from others, this can leave one feeling empty. When we give the same love to ourselves, this is fulfilment. Learn how to detach from your identity and the reliance of external validation.

Vince Luciani is the founder of The Legacy Coaching: Mindful Mental Training - he is a former CFL and NCAA Football coach who now guides people to discover who they are beyond what they do.

Talk 3 - Do you want your child to be a champion? Does your child want to be a champion?

Well, that process starts with you... Children don’t listen, they watch. They observe everything you do. Discover the possibility that exists when you as a parent put into action and lead with the mindset, behaviour and character you expect from your child.

Martin Reader is a 2012 Olympian, award winning fitness trainer and speaker specializing in human performance. Martin is the creator of OFFBALL Athlete which mentors and educates athletes around the world on body, mind and life.

Interested on how best you can help channel the best in your child? RSVP below and bring a guest who would be interested!



As part of our Digital Wellness Week, parents of students K-12 are invited to join Justin Medved, Director of Learning Innovation and Technology and Elissa Kline-Beber, Director of Wellness to an evening session on fostering digital citizenship and wellness. They will discuss how The York School is taking a whole school approach to developing healthy digital habits and skills in our students, as they navigate an increasingly interconnected world. The session will address issues such as limiting digital distraction, managing gaming, promoting healthy sleep habits, and - as parents - setting an example for our children. As well, student leaders will be in attendance to share the adolescent voice on some of these timely issues as well as how they are helping to steward the conversation at school as part of the student-led Digital Citizenship initiative.


Has our GLADIATOR got what it takes?! YOU BET!! VOTE HERE!

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Considering that it takes 2,700 litres of water to make one cotton shirt (enough water for a person to drink for 2 1/2 years), the YPA collects gently used uniforms for their annual spring Second Hand Uniform Sale.

For the next week (as we change over from summer to winter uniforms), there will be boxes at both campuses in which you can donate any (outgrown) summer uniforms. The next uniform collection will be in December. All funds raised help to fund YPA initiatives for the school community.

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For the glory of Farnham!

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