November 16 / 2018


The next chapter (in our exciting, purposeful lives)!

You might call it Fall, but we call it ‘peak university application season.’ The application pipeline is running at capacity and The Class of 2019 students are well on their way to having their university applications completed.

In the frenzy of getting each university application ‘just right’, let’s take pause to reflect on our purpose. Accepting a university destination is about finding a fit. It is about finding the right place, the right program and right community. It is about graduating to a university where you can continue to thrive. It is about using The York School as your launching place to become the citizen you really want to be.

Future engineer and sailing ace

Future engineer and sailing ace

A great pleasure in this job is connecting with our graduates beyond York. We are always thrilled to see our grads come through our doors. The stories of their successes and endeavours are remarkable. Just this term alone, I have heard from a variety of York Grads. Kathleen is fulfilling her lifelong dream in veterinary school in Ireland. Marc is completing an engineering degree while racing for his university sailing team in Kingston. Dasha graduated from University of Arts London (UK) and is making movies in Toronto. Nicky touched base with me from France. Francesca completed her B.Com in Switzerland is working in Dubai. A certain Mr. X popped by and works for Canada’s spy agency. (FYI - he must remain anonymous). I could go on.

Future Dr. in veterinary medicine

Future Dr. in veterinary medicine

For each of these graduates, being a Yorkie was more than just the IB diploma. Their York School experiences helped them learn about themselves as people and has been foundational in launching them off in to the world beyond York.

And so to those students putting the final touches on their applications and to those parents supporting their every move, be proud of your accomplishments to date and know that we will help you find your best fit school. You are well prepared for what’s next.

Director of University Counselling
David Hanna

PS. join us on LinkedIn so that we can all continue to learn from one another as we grow and solve the complex challenges we’ll encounter along the way.


NOVEMBER 27 at 7:00 PM in the Gym

Sleep better and you’ll eat better. Eat better and you’ll move more. And if you move more, you’ll sleep better and ultimately think and feel better. This is the ripple effect of good health and high performance.

Join us for an evening with author Greg Wells who will explain how with an improvement of just 1% in your sleeping, eating, exercising, or thinking habits, you’ll see dramatic improvements in energy and health.

Greg will explain how:

  • Sleep controls the hormones that regulate hunger and appetite

  • An hour of exercise can turn a B grade into an A

  • Muscular meditation helps reduce stress and decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Join Us November 27 for an evening that could alter your life (plus, you’ll also learn that watermelon decreases muscle soreness after a workout).

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Senior School Parent Connect - Last chance to register!

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The online box office is now open for The Wizard of Oz. We've been working hard to bring this show to the stage and can't wait to share it with you all. 

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Thursday, December 6 @ 7:00PM
Friday, December 7 @ 7:00PM
Saturday, December 8 @ 2:00PM and 7:00PM

Seats are not assigned so we recommend that you arrive early to claim your desired spots. For questions regarding the box office, please contact Deloan D'sa, our Events & Alumni Coordinator (


A warmhearted thanks to all the volunteers, faculty and parents! The Wizard of Oz was brought to you in part by your kind support to The York School FundThank you for helping our students shine.