November 23 / 2018


November has been a busy month at The York School and it’s hard to believe that we’re just weeks away from the holiday break! For many of us, The York School has literally been a home away from home!

Earlier this month, The York School hosted over 400 guests at our annual Middle/Senior School Open House for prospective students and their families. While the attendance was the highest in our history, the one thing that stood out - and we received several compliments - was our team of 55 students volunteering their time to connect with families and be outstanding ambassadors for the school. We were also touched by the generosity of our parents who volunteered their time to attend and answer any questions from prospective parents regarding their role and thoughts on the school. Through your support and promotions at the Open House and around the community, we are on track to receive a record high amount of applications. To date we have recruited some exceptional students and families to The York School for September 2019! The early intake thus far has included a wide range of well-rounded and diverse students...not to mention siblings of current students! Next year’s cohort will include a student who can speak over 5 different languages, a student who builds and races cars (as a hobby), a professional dancer, a few passionate soccer players and of course an exceptional debater!

There is a lot going on next week (and next month).  Based on ticket sales (over 350 sold in 24 hours!), it’s clear that many of you are keen to see the Wizard of Oz production on December 6, 7 and 8. Whether working on ‘lollipop guild’ dance steps, or pouring over sheet music, the amount of energy that your children and their friends have put into this production promises that it will be a play to remember! For families NEW to York, this is a must-see event and bring your children too!  See you there. Also next week, The York School is celebrating Giving Tuesday this year with a one-day social media campaign that highlights different ways our parents, students and alumni give back to our community, so be sure to join in on your favourite social media channel on Tuesday (#yorklearns).

None of this could be achieved without your thank you for giving to the York School Fund, which is helping make the play possible. It has truly been a community effort. Your help enhances the student experience across the school. Our performance on the basketball court and in the debating arena shows that your investments are paying high dividends! Thank you for providing the opportunities that help them shine!

Have a great weekend.

Praveen Muruganandan
Director, Admission and Advancement

PS. As the winter play season sets in, we’ll be making a Junior School Playground announcement next week!  (Details coming soon!)

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The online box office is now open for The Wizard of Oz. We've been working hard to bring this show to the stage and can't wait to share it with you all. 

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Thursday, December 6 @ 7:00PM
Friday, December 7 @ 7:00PM
Saturday, December 8 @ 2:00PM and 7:00PM

Seats are not assigned so we recommend that you arrive early to claim your desired spots. For questions regarding the box office, please contact Deloan D'sa, our Events & Alumni Coordinator (


A warmhearted thanks to all the volunteers, faculty and parents! The Wizard of Oz was brought to you in part by your kind support to The York School FundThank you for helping our students shine.


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The York School’s Harmony Concert celebrates the end of a successful term, the upcoming winter holidays and how music is an international language that unites us all.

On Friday, December 21st we will have two performances in the gym at our 1320 campus; Middle/Senior School (from 9:15 - 10:15) and Junior School (10:45 - 11:45), in order to accommodate all of our student performers, staff and parent audience. We invite all parents to attend the performances(s), recognizing that families with children in multiple divisions may stay to watch both.

Refreshments will be available for parents in the Cafe at 1320 prior to both performances until the doors open for audience seating.

Please join us for our annual Harmony Concert celebration.

Doors Open @ 9:00 Middle & Senior School Concert 9:15-10:15

Doors Open @ 10:30Junior School Concert 10:45-11:45


NOVEMBER 27 at 7:00 PM
1320 Yonge Street

Sleep better and you’ll eat better. Eat better and you’ll move more. And if you move more, you’ll sleep better and ultimately think and feel better. This is the ripple effect of good health and high performance.

Join us for an evening with author Greg Wells who will explain how with an improvement of just 1% in your sleeping, eating, exercising, or thinking habits, you’ll see dramatic improvements in energy and health.

Greg will explain how:

  • Sleep controls the hormones that regulate hunger and appetite

  • An hour of exercise can turn a B grade into an A

  • Muscular meditation helps reduce stress and decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Join Us November 27 for an evening that could alter your life (plus, you’ll also learn that watermelon decreases muscle soreness after a workout).


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