November 9 / 2017

Message from Rick DeMarinis, Director of Athletics

Athletic Director Rick DeMarinis in our new Gladiator strength & conditioning centre

Athletic Director Rick DeMarinis in our new Gladiator strength & conditioning centre

Dear York School Community,

It’s hard to believe that the fall Athletics season is over – and what a season it was! Over 20 competitive teams competed within the Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association (CISAA) and made some great memories. We will recognize the Gladiators in our Athletic Assembly on November 14. Not only do we celebrate our wins in the game but we also try to share these moments on social media with our official sports hashtag, #goglads, showcasing video and photos of our athletes. (“Like” and follow us to see the students in action on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!)

Senior Varsity Girls Basketball

Senior Varsity Girls Basketball

Our Junior Varsity Boys Soccer Team

Our Junior Varsity Boys Soccer Team

Senior Varsity Boys Volleyball

Senior Varsity Boys Volleyball

A big congratulations go to:

  • Our U10  Co-Ed Soccer team for winning the CISAA Championship
  • Our Boys Volleyball team winning a silver medal in the “Final Four” Championships
  • Our Girls Basketball team winning a silver medal in the “Final Four” Championships; a shout-out to Charlotte Mackay for dropping 32 points in the final!
  • Our Varsity Boys Soccer team advancing to the Silver Round for the first time ever at the CAIS Senior Boys Soccer National Tournament hosted by St. George’s School in Vancouver
  • Our Varsity Girls And Varsity Boys Basketball teams travelling to Winnipeg and Halifax in November to represent our school in CAIS National tournaments

My goal for The York School is to have 100% participation from our students and staff. The Gladiator Strength and Conditioning Centre has been an amazing addition to our school in reaching our athletic potential. Some personal highlights:

  • Early morning 7 a.m. workouts with dedicated students
  • The Weekend Athletic Institute Session
  • Yoga Class for Parents
  • Customized workout plans for teachers and staff
  • 20 staff getting “jacked” and regularly working out in the facility

We are proud of Gladiator Athletics and use sport as a way to want to bring our community together. This also includes events like Friday Night Lights or within Toronto such as Toronto FC or Raptors games.  Thank you for supporting our athletic initiatives and being involved in spreading the Gladiator team spirit. #Goglads!


Rick DeMarinis
Director of Athletics

Have you RSVP’d for The Big Thank You? First and foremost, this evening is a celebration of The York School’s supportive community – whether you have just arrived this year at the school or you have been part of the school for years. Every parent has contributed in some way to our community – and we would like to take this time to thank you.

Our evening will include a champagne bar, moving to House-themed cocktails and international food stations including:

  • OPA! (Greek)

  • York Bao (Dim Sum)

  • Ye Old Yorke (pub fare)

  • Viva Italia (mini pizzas, pasta)

  • Night in Mumbai (paneer lollipops, butter chicken mac & cheese)

  • Please take a moment to RSVP today (click the RSVP button, right)!


Uniform Returns and Exchanges

Our next Customer Service Day for uniform returns and exchanges will be on Thursday, November 23 from 8 a.m to 10 a.m. Location: The York Shop - Junior School basement

House Baseball T-Shirts Available at The York Shop

We have lots of baseball shirts available for our house in time for our House Challenge on November 21st. Available Sizes:  Youth: S, M, L; Adult: S, M, L, XL; Price: $30 charged to student's account. Information to include in order: Child's name. Grade, House, Size Pick up Location: 1639/1320 Yonge St. Reception Areas Send Order & questions to Ginny Bates at:

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