February 22 / 2019


As Director of University Counselling, it is a tremendous pleasure to assist students in making plans for their futures. One of the most rewarding bonuses of this work is to see how our graduates are thriving Beyond York.

On a recent trip to Montreal, I took nine York graduates currently studying at McGill for dinner at a local pub. It was delightful and inspiring to see how each of them is flourishing. Our grads are engaged, young adults. Each of these students was passionate about their studies and loved the programs they were pursuing. What was also noteworthy was the level of engagement each of them had with the broader university community and the city they now call home. York grads, it seems, really do care to have an impact on the world they are living in.

This past Thursday, The York School welcomed Alumni for lunch and a tour of the newly renovated facilities. We had over 20 graduates return from as far back as the Class of ’02 to as recent as the Class of ’18 - doctors, lawyers, moms, dads, entrepreneurs, Ph.D. students, graduate students and undergrads – we had it all. For those of us that taught those kids in the way back, the pride and pleasure we had in seeing how well they are doing were priceless.

If you are ever in despair as to the state of the world and what the future holds – let me take you out to lunch with a York School Graduate. You will see that the world is in good hands and that the kids are alright!

David Hanna 
Director of University Counselling

Offer Day

Early this morning, we invited 100 lucky students to Take On The World with us here at The York School. We are so excited and hope that you can join us in welcoming them!



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