August 22 / 2019

Dear York School Community,

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As we enter the final week of August, I know that it’s sometimes hard for students to say goodbye to the freedom that summer affords us. And I get it. Summer is pretty awesome -- especially for curious, engaged, world citizens and learners like York School students who live by our motto “Experience Teaches”. 

At our closing ceremonies in June, I issued a challenge to our students to make sure they did three essential things this summer:

1. Take a break from your screens
2. Get outside as much as possible
3. Read, read, read!

What that looks like in practice is as varied and diverse as our community itself. We know that some of our students may have traveled to new places or visited with family, some may have mastered a two-wheeler or passed their driver’s test, some may have experienced the independence of sleepaway camp or earned their first paycheck with a summer job. Each of them have stories to tell -- and we cannot wait to hear all about it.

But there is also something refreshing about the return to routine after a few months of less structured time. You can see it in the care our facilities team is taking to prepare the buildings. You can sense it in the hours our IT team is clocking to upgrade our systems and devices. You can feel it in the enthusiasm and energy of the teachers as they arrive this week to ready their classrooms for our students. We are all excited to continue our learning journey together this year.

Whether it is your child’s first day of school ever, or the beginning of their senior year, whether they are new to our school or have been with us since JK, we want the experience when they walk through the door on the first day to be a positive one that fosters a love of learning and a pride in their school that they will carry with them the whole year though. 

And that goes for our parents too. As we return to our routines of the school year, we hope you will find the following resources helpful to you:

Important dates: Throughout The Flash - whether you visit the Junior School tab, the Middle School tab, or the Senior School tab, there are a number of activities planned for connecting, engaging and learning. Please take some time to visit those sections relevant to you and your child(ren), mark your calendars and get ready for a GREAT start to an incredible year of learning.

Looking forward to some highlights:
Friday Sept. 6 Coffee Connects, a first in a series of exceptional events hosted by our York Parents’ Association (where we are always keen to sign up parents who want to get more engaged!)
Thursday, Sept. 12 Junior School Curriculum evening
Thursday, Sept. 19 Middle and Senior School Curriculum night

As well, if you need any more information - from uniforms to curriculum to athletics - please visit our detailed Welcome Package.

The entire staff joins me in welcoming back our returning families and we extend a warm welcome to those who are new to our community. I look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Struan Robertson,
(Interim) Head of School

New Student Orientation Day Schedule

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Sync your child(ren’s) The York School Calendar with your iCal calendar. Watch How-To Video here.

First Coffee Connects - Friday, September 6, 2019

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Toronto FC vs. Colorado Rapids - Sunday, September 15

Deadline extended to August 27th!

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Elite Shooting with David Nurse - September 13, 14, & 15

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